Digital Marketing Roadmaps

Digital Marketing Roadmap

A Digital Marketing roadmap has a lot of overlap and similarities to an SEO roadmap, however, its focus is broader and encompasses paid acquisition channels, social media and email marketing. A Digital Marketing roadmap may be better suited to an organisation that is looking for a full service digital marketing plan. This type of roadmap usually follows on from an Online Marketing Opportunities Audit, where in-depth competitor analysis helps to clarify which channels are likely to be the most effective to invest in.

The opportunities audit digs deep into your existing site data and history of digital marketing activity. It will highlight any shortcomings in the implementation of past marketing efforts, such as the set-up of your PPC campaigns or the subject lines of your database mail outs. At the audit stage, all of the issues relating to your site, and to your key competitors’ sites, are defined. The roadmap then logically sorts these issues and sets out a plan for fixing them and gaining an advantage over the competition.

Your digital activity working in unison

Whilst there is no fault in having different suppliers for different areas of marketing activity, it does make sense to ensure that all of your digital activity is coordinated (and coordinated with your offline activity too). Having a clear Digital Marketing roadmap in place is one way to ensure that all stakeholders working around a website are also working towards the same goals and objectives.

This type of roadmap may be most suited to businesses that are just starting out on a new digital campaign and require top-level strategic oversight for their activity. It may also be suited for established organisations wishing to improve how their digital activity is implemented by in-house staff or agency partners.

Download my Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

I am currently working on creating an example roadmap template, based on other ones I have produced for my clients. Please check back here in the near future to download the Excel file. In the meantime, you might be interested in downloading this sample SEO roadmap.

Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

Get a Digital Marketing Roadmap for your business

If you’re interested in having a Digital Marketing roadmap designed for your business, I can help. To begin the process, I’d recommend purchasing an Online Marketing Opportunities Audit (more details here). This will provide a clear perspective on issues relating to your current digital marketing activity and the activity of your competitors. Contact me today if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.