CRO Roadmaps

CRO Roadmap

A Conversion Rate Optimisation roadmap (or CRO roadmap) is a variant of the SEO roadmap that is entirely focused on user experience and CRO test planning. This roadmap is usually produced following a CRO Audit, where your web property is analysed to identify where you are losing traffic and why you are not generating enough enquiries or sales. The roadmap outlines a carefully staged test plan based on the findings of the audit.

The audit stage of any CRO work on a website will highlight any core issues with its set-up. For example, the implementation of goals, event tracking and other monitoring systems. The audit will also delve deep into a site’s data to assess what is happening at a granular level and to present hypotheses based on the analysis. The finished audit then provides a basis to create a strategy and test plan. The CRO roadmap is a document that both defines the strategy and outlines the specific activities before, during and after each test.

A clearly defined path towards increased sales

Minor design or user experience flaws within a website can dramatically diminish its potential to deliver conversions such as sign-ups, enquiry form completions or online sales. Securing the trust and instilling confidence in your website visitors is only part of the puzzle to winning more business online. As new generations of customers arrive online, so too do they bring higher expectations of web experiences.

With a CRO Roadmap in place, you can mitigate these challenges by defining a strategic plan to improve the experience for your website’s visitors.

Download my CRO Roadmap Template

I am currently working on creating an example roadmap template, based on other ones I have produced for my clients. Please check back here in the near future to download the Excel file. In the meantime, you might be interested in downloading this sample SEO roadmap.

CRO roadmap template

CRO Roadmap Template

Get a CRO Roadmap for your business

If you’re interested in having a CRO roadmap designed for your business, I can help. To begin the process, I’d recommend purchasing a CRO Audit (more details here). This will provide a multitude of test hypotheses that can form the basis of a CRO testing strategy. Contact me today if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.