White Label SEO Audits

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My auditing and assessment services are ideally suited to agencies. SEO companies, web development firms and independent contractors have all benefited from my White Label SEO Audit service. Under this arrangement, I can customise any type of report so that it features your agency logo, colours and styling. The reports can be ghost written and attributed to a member of your team, or you can involve me in discussions with your client.

100% custom written website audits

Many white label reports are machine generated PDFs with a green tick for a pass and a red cross for a fail next to each assessment category. The problem with these types of reports is that they often miss the “bigger picture” issues with a website. All of my reports are 100% custom written and are based on my 15 years’ experience of working in digital marketing both client-side and agency-side.

Fully customisable to your specific requirements

All of the report types that I offer can be white labelled and customised to your precise requirements. This includes:

Why use this service

Conducting the initial assessment of a client’s website can be a considerably time consuming endeavour. Nevertheless, it is essential work that outlines the issues that are holding your client back from increased search visibility & website performance.

The problem many agencies face is capacity. Your internal technical team are likely to be consumed by on-going client work and other internal projects. They are unlikely to have the time to write bespoke, in-depth audits of clients’ websites. My service is perfect for agencies in this situation, where a high quality audit is required to impress, convert and retain an important new client.

Benefits for SEO Agencies

  • Make a good first impression with a new client – clients love bespoke audits tailored to their specific business objectives
  • Troubleshoot your problem accounts – you can use my service to run audits on your existing clients’ websites
  • Broaden your market – state the case for on-going digital marketing support
  • Relieve your technical SEO team – client work, internal meetings, training and other activities are likely to leave little time for technical staff to write detailed reports.

Benefits for Web Development Firms

  • Audit your website builds – get an outside perspective on how SEO-friendly your finished projects are
  • Upsell digital marketing services – use one of my reports to state the case to clients for on-going marketing activity
  • Demonstrate expertise outside of your specialist area – reassure new clients that their websites will be built with expert SEO coordination.

Benefits for Independent Contractors

  • Focus on delivery – if you are a freelance SEO contractor, your time is better spent implementing the work that will make a difference for the client, such as on-page changes or instigating a link building campaign
  • Get the strategy for a client set for you – I can provide you with the road map that will help your client to rank well. You just need to implement it
  • Get on-going support with your accounts – it’s easy to miss things working on your own. You can contract me a monthly retainer to review your projects and provide regular guidance.

Contact me for a sample audit

If you’d like to see an example white label SEO audit that I have written for one of my clients, either sign-up to my mailing list using the form on this page or drop me an email on my contact page. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of your request. Want to know what qualifies me to audit your clients’ websites? .