Online Marketing Opportunities Audits

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Not all businesses will see a return on investment from SEO, PPC or other digital marketing activity. Any business looking to expand their activities into these areas may have reservations about how effective they will be in delivering more leads and customers. In this scenario, an Online Marketing Opportunities Audit will help you to understand if investing in SEO and other digital channels is right for your business.

Understand if search marketing is right for you

Businesses operating in very specific or unusual niches might be of the opinion that no one is likely to search for their products and services on search engines such as Google. Nevertheless, without conducting in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis, it is not possible to rule out digital marketing as a potential avenue for developing your customer base. My audit assesses your key competitors digital marketing activities including search, email, social, display and online PR. This assessment provides valuable insight into the digital channels that are most effective at driving leads and sales for your competitors.

Avoid wasting your marketing budget

Investing in this type of audit will help you to avoid throwing money away on channels that will never produce a return on investment and to identify the opportunities that your rivals appear to be pursuing most effectively. The report contains:

  • Keyword analysis – investigating if search volume exists around your products and services. Identifying which search terms your key competitors rank for and if those terms are worth targeting
  • Competitor insight – analysis of the digital channels that are sending visits to your rivals’ websites. Overview of the keywords that are sending visitors to their sites
  • Site comparison – evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ websites in comparison to your own. Outlining the required steps to reach an advantage over your rivals
  • Summary of opportunities – interpreting the information gathered about your competitors’ websites and marketing activities, then determining the most suitable digital marketing opportunities for your niche.

Why use this service

This type of audit is most suited to any business of any size where digital marketing has not previously been considered as a potential lead or sales generating avenue. You may have invested in some basic SEO or tested a low-level PPC campaign but not received much response from it. You may also be curious to know which digital channels your competitors are investing in and how effective they are likely to be as revenue generators. If you are uncertain about investing in digital, particularly search marketing, this report will offer you the clarity you need to make a decision.

How the service works

The process is simple and starts with an initial consultation by phone.

  1. Initial consultation – we discuss your business, your current sales and marketing activity, and your objectives for the future
  2. Proposal – I will send you an outline of costs based on our discussion
  3. Planning – once agreed on the terms of the proposal, I will schedule in a time for me to complete the audit
  4. Discussion and follow-up – we will go through the report over the phone and discuss any of the opportunities that are worth pursuing. I can recommend specialists to assist with the implementation or I can work with your existing in-house or agency teams to deliver the work.

Contact me for a sample audit

If you would like to see an example Opportunity Audit that I have written, you can either sign-up to my mailing list using the form on this page or you can drop me an email on my contact page. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of your request. Want to know what qualifies me to audit your site? .