Conversion Rate Optimisation Audits

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A Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit (or CRO Audit) is an essential report for any business that receives web traffic but fails to generate enough conversions such as form completions, phone calls, newsletter sign-ups and sales. A high quality audit will dig deep into your analytics data, event and goal tracking set-up, your website’s User Experience (UX) and your marketing proposition to identify where you are losing traffic, the reasons why and potential tests that could be run to improve your web property’s conversion rate.

Find out why your website doesn’t convert to sales

My CRO Audits are informed by many years of experience working with a wide range of eCommerce, software sign-up and online booking related businesses and organisations. My detailed reports have helped many online businesses to improve their value proposition, glean more from their analytics data and identify the flaws and weaknesses in the conversion process; from landing page, through product and service category pages, the “basket”, sign-up or checkout. I have helped clients to dramatically improve conversion rates for their key goals through clearly defined and staged conversion testing.

Clear analysis and a road map for your CRO tests

My CRO analysis is presented in PDF report format and may range from around 30 pages in length to over 60 pages dependent upon the size of your website and upon how many other competitors you would like me to analyse and cross-compare. Every report features an assessment and outline of areas for improvements on the following topics.

  • A review of your tracking set-up – identifying if your goals are set-up correctly, if additional event tracking is required, if heat mapping is required, and any issues with the funnel set-up
  • In-depth analysis of your data – reviewing your site’s traffic, conversion rates and transaction data over time. Analysing the goal flow and identifying issues such as high basket or checkout abandonment
  • Page-level review & user journey analysis – a fine detail look at how your website displays on different device types, including desktop, mobile and tablet. A comparison of your pages to key competitor sites, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of both
  • Pre-test set-up – I will provide clear advice on steps that need to be taken before implementing any CRO tests. For example, it may be necessary to collect certain event data for a specified time period so that the impact of fundamental changes to the UX can be monitored and assessed
  • Conversion test road map – I can also include a recommended 6 or 12 month roadmap of activities and tests such as A/B testing, and suggested methods for delivery.

Why use this service

This type of audit is suitable for any business or organisation that is looking to improve the volume of leads and sales they generate via their web properties. Even the most experienced digital marketers can overlook flaws in the user experience of a website, due to continually looking at problems from the same angle. I can offer you a fresh perspective and work with your existing in-house or agency teams to troubleshoot issues and ensure your CRO tests are prepared, set-up and implemented correctly.

How the service works

The process is simple and starts with an initial consultation by phone.

  1. Initial consultation – we discuss your business, your online objectives, your analytics goals and history of CRO work.
  2. Proposal – I will send you an outline of costs based on our discussion
  3. Planning – once agreed on the terms of the proposal, I will schedule in a time for me to complete the assessment
  4. Discussion and follow-up – we will go through the report over the phone and identify if additional time is required by me to help your in-house or agency staff to address the issues identified. We will discuss the creation of a CRO roadmap to set out the test plan strategy.

Contact me for a sample audit

If you would like to see an example CRO Audit that I have written, you can either sign-up to my mailing list using the form on this page or you can drop me an email on my contact page. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of your request. Want to know what qualifies me to audit your site? .