Backlink Analysis Reports

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Backlink Analysis is an essential activity for any business or organisation that operates in a highly competitive space. Links between sites remain the fundamental principle behind the web; without them, the web could not exist. Developing backlinks to your website remains a critical component of the SEO process. A Backlink Analysis Report will help you to identify the volume, quality and relevance of the sites linking to you, the sites that are helping your competitors to rank well and any issues with your backlink profile such as keyword heavy anchor text distribution or unnatural rates of acquisition.

Discover the links that help your competitors rank

My reports are 100% custom written, providing insight and actionable advice based on over 15 years’ experience of assessing the link profiles for clients in a broad range of sectors. Many SEO agencies blindly follow metrics such as Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR) when assessing possible sites they would like to secure a backlink to their client from. By doing so, they often miss out on a wealth of highly relevant and powerful link building sources that could mean the difference between ranking in the top 10 or the top 3. Context, relevance and quality are of the utmost importance when building links to a site. My analysis will help you to identify the opportunities that tick all of these boxes and to put in place a strategy for gaining the links.

Get a detailed audit & a clear link building strategy

My reports are presented in PDF format with accompanying Excel documents listing the sites that are most relevant to your niche, the quick wins available and the longer term strategy for improving the trust and authority of your domain. Every report features an assessment and outline of areas for improvements on the following topics.

  • Your current backlink profile – the sites that are linking to you; lost, broken, redirected and ‘nofollow’ links. Commentary and insight into the context, relevance and quality of your backlinks
  • Risk analysis – identifying if your site has been or could be susceptible to link based algorithm penalties such as Google Penguin. Identifying spam, PBNs and excessive linking from the same C Class IP addresses. Providing advice on disavowing links
  • Competitor activity – detailed insight not just into your competitors’ backlinks but how they are building them, the rate of acquisition, their deep link strategies and their points of difference
  • Strategic planning – providing guidance on planning link building activities that are suitable for your niche. Every niche is different, what works for an international organisation will be overkill for a smaller local business
  • Website targeting – identifying the sites that make the most sense to build partnerships with, offer sponsorship to or collaborate with in some way
  • Link building road map – providing a clear strategic plan for building relationships in your niche, building “linkable” assets, utilising tools for outreach and initiating your backlink campaign.

Why use this service

Businesses that will benefit the most from this type of report are ones that have resolved the majority of the technical and on-page optimisation issues that are common with websites. Sites beset by technical issues may never rank well, no matter how many high quality backlinks you have. A Technical SEO Audit is therefore highly recommended before commencing with a more specific report of this nature. For businesses needing a clearer picture of the off-page factors that are helping your competitors to rank well, this report will equip your in-house team with the guidance they need to implement the work or to better manage your external contractors. My reports are also suitable for companies who may be concerned about the quality of the links being built by your SEO partner or agency.

How the service works

The process is simple and starts with an initial consultation by phone.

  1. Initial consultation – we discuss your business, your online objectives, your current backlink profile and general history of SEO work.
  2. Proposal – I will send you an outline of costs based on our discussion
  3. Planning – once agreed on the terms of the proposal, I will schedule in a time for me to complete the assessment
  4. Discussion and follow-up – we will go through the report over the phone and identify if additional time is required by me to help your in-house or agency staff to address the issues identified.

Contact me for a sample report

If you would like to see an example Backlink Analysis Report that I have written, you can either sign-up to my mailing list using the form on this page or you can drop me an email on my contact page. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours of your request. Want to know what qualifies me to audit your site? .