About Me – James Hubbard

Freelance SEO, CRO & Digital Marketing Consultant

My interest in SEO and all things digital started when I was at university in 2002. I had chosen to specialise in web development in my final year; a component of the course that enabled me to build my first basic website using the rudimentary HTML & CSS skills that we were taught. After graduating, I managed to quickly find work that involved running my employer’s website and improving “the hits” to it (their words not mine!)

When I joined the company they had a site that was built entirely in Flash, effectively preventing search engines from being able to “read” the text across the pages. I oversaw and project managed the redevelopment of the site, utilising the knowledge gained from my course and from scrutinising the popular SEO blogs at the time such as Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land and Aaron Wall’s SEOBook.

Within about 3 years of joining the company, I developed their organic web traffic from pretty much zero to over 10k visits per month. This was targeted traffic too, which also resulted in online revenue growing from, again, zero to over £500k per year. A promotion followed and my interest in developing websites was set.

Why hire me?

Admittedly, optimising websites in the year 2002 was much easier than it is today. Back then, as long as you had a reasonably well constructed site, accessible to search engines and with relevant keywords in the tags; chances are you were likely to rank well on Google and other engines. Today, Google uses advanced machine learning methods to better understand the quality and relevance of a web page to a given query, making it much harder to satisfy their demand for high quality content.

So, why should you hire me to audit your website and outline areas for improvements? Here are five key reasons.

  1. I have over 15 years’ professional experience managing, assessing and optimising websites – in that time I have directly worked on or had a strategic input into around 250 businesses across a diverse range of sectors
  2. I have worked client-side, agency-side and as a freelancer – I have worked on SEO audits for big brands, startups and SMEs. This has given me a broad perspective on different approaches to managing websites and enabled me to learn from working alongside different developers, systems administrators and other technical staff
  3. I have spent a long time thinking about search engine technology and monitoring the developments to Google’s algorithms – it has become second nature to me to be able to quickly diagnose key issues with sites then set out a plan to remedy them
  4. I have written many technical, CRO and customised SEO reports that have received great feedback from the client – helping them to shape their digital strategy. Some of my audits are up to 70 pages long and require strong coffee
  5. The reports that I write work and deliver results – with an associated 12 month roadmap in place, I have seen many clients increase their traffic by over 100% year on year, with similarly strong improvements to enquiries and sales.

Five short facts about me

  1. I have a 1st class honours degree from the University of Sussex
  2. I was once a director of a company with over 100 staff members
  3. I was once Head of SEO for a fledgling digital marketing company with over 170 clients
  4. I have written contributions for SEO blogs & organisations such as Learn Inbound & Search Engine Journal
  5. I volunteer for organisations that help homeless people and the environment.

Get in touch to discuss your website

If I haven’t managed to convince you with this craftily constructed marketing patter, you can see the work I have produced for yourself. Either sign-up to my mailing list using the form on this page, or drop me an email, and I will send you an example SEO audit written for one of my clients (permission gained from the client, of course).