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Thanks for visiting my website. I’m a Brighton based SEO consultant with close to twenty years’ experience helping startups, SMEs, agencies and brands to improve their web properties and drive more targeted traffic to their sites via search engines. You can read more about me on my about page. My SEO audit services are suitable for businesses of any size that are trying to identify what might be holding them back from driving more organic traffic, leads and sales online.

Why should you hire me?

In short, I have a lot of experience in analysing websites and identifying the reasons why they might not be performing as well as they should be on search engine results pages. I custom write highly detailed technical SEO audits and digital marketing assessments which help you to understand the issues that are holding you back online. Each audit outlines a recommended strategy for improving your search visibility. Take a look at my SEO audits overview page to help you decide which one might be suitable for your business.

Once the audit is complete, I can put in place a 6 or 12-month roadmap, documenting all the activities that will need to take place to deliver the strategy outlined in the audit. I also provide ongoing SEO consulting services to help you fix the issues.

James Hubbard, SEO Consultant

Choose the type of audit most suited to your current business goals

Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits

A Technical SEO Audit is a thorough and meticulous health check of a website, comparable to taking your car in for a service. A high-quality audit will highlight all of the essential issues that must be fixed in order for the site to be roadworthy on Google and other search engines. It will also help to identify minor flaws and weaknesses that, if fixed, could help to give you the edge on your search competitors.

Coonversion Rate Optimisation Audits

CRO Audits

A Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit is an essential report for any business that receives web traffic but fails to generate enough conversions such as sign-ups and sales. A high quality audit will dig deep into your analytics data, event and goal tracking set-up, your website’s User Experience (UX) and your marketing proposition to identify tests that could be run to improve your web property’s conversion rate.

Competitor SEO Analysis

Competitor SEO Analysis

Analysing competitor websites, and their off-page marketing activities, is an essential SEO exercise for any business that is wanting to understand why their rivals seem to outrank them for one or more of their primary key-phrases. A high quality Competitor SEO Analysis Report provides in-depth insight into their online strategies and the steps that will need to be taken to gain a ranking advantage.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis Reports

Developing backlinks to your website remains a critical component of the SEO process. A Backlink Analysis Report will help you to identify the volume, quality and relevance of the sites linking to you, the sites that are helping your competitors to rank well and any issues with your backlink profile such as keyword heavy anchor text distribution or unnatural rates of acquisition. Get a a clear link building strategy defined for your business.

Opportunity assessments

Opportunity Assessments

Not all businesses will see a return on investment from SEO, PPC or other digital marketing activity. Any business looking to expand their activities into these areas may have reservations about how effective they will be in delivering more leads and customers. In this scenario, an Online Marketing Opportunities Audit will help you to understand if investing in SEO and other digital channels is right for your business.

White Label SEO Audits

White Label SEO Audits

My audit services are ideal for agencies. SEO companies, web development firms and independent contractors have all benefited from my White Label SEO Audit service. Under this arrangement, I can customise any type of report so that it features your agency logo, colours and styling. The reports can be attributed to a member of your team, or you can involve me in discussions with your client.

Choose on-going services to help deliver your digital marketing strategy



A 6 or 12 month roadmap prioritises the issues identified at the audit stage. These roadmaps are designed as a strategic steer for your SEO and digital marketing activity. The maps can either be entirely implemented by your in-house team, contractors or agency partners (with my input where needed), or I can deliver them for you with assistance from trusted suppliers I have worked with over many years.

SEO consultancy services

Consultancy Services

I can provide an hourly or day rate for support with the optimisation of your website for Google and other search engines. I also offer SEO services on a monthly retainer basis. Whilst I am proficient in many areas of digital marketing, I also work alongside other talented freelancers who can assist in areas such as custom functionality development, social media marketing, content writing and media outreach.

Zoom Consulting for SEO

Zoom Consulting

Even the most experienced marketing teams may have certain weak spots in terms of their collective skillsets. If you are struggling to make any headway in resolving certain types of technical SEO issues, for example, it can help to get a third party perspective. If this sounds similar to your current situation, I offer a limited number of weekly Zoom consulting sessions to help you troubleshoot issues or train your team.

What my clients say about my SEO audit services

“One of the most talented SEOs I’ve worked with. James’ reports are so insightful, well-written and informative.”

John KramerDigital Marketing Consultant, John Kramer Marketing

“James’ reports are extremely detailed but easy to digest. His 6 month road map has given us a clear online strategy.”

Jackie StoneManaging Director, Unda Consulting

“James’ technical knowledge and know-how has been invaluable to our business. I highly recommend his services.”

Mark BishopManaging Director, Pagel Holidays

“James’ marketing opportunity audit has helped us to reach a much wider audience for our debates.”

Pam Castle OBEFounder, Castle Debates

“James carried out a meticulous audit of my website, helping to identify all of the flaws that need to be fixed in order to improve our visibility on Google.”

Dora HuenOwner, Angelica Bridal

“James is a pleasure to deal with and highly professional in his analysis and his communications.”

Julian KeenaghanHead of Engineering & Product, Beam

Request a sample audit

Request a sample audit

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